Excessive idle tracking

Nash Tec helps you further reduce your fuel and maintenance costs by gaining more control over your vehicle idles.

Idling refers to the phase during which a vehicle’s engine continues to run when it is stationary. During this period, the vehicle continues to consume fuel, even if it is not moving, thus maintaining the rotation of its engine.

When engine idling time is extended, it has very damaging effects:

  • on the vehicle by causing premature wear of the engine and its exhaust system
  • on the environment and the budget of your fleet by leading to an increase in your fuel consumption

How does Nash Tec make your idle reports efficient?

The Nash Tec solution automatically sorts between slowdowns induced naturally by road traffic (stops at traffic lights, in a traffic jam), and those that are excessive and must therefore be controlled.

For the analysis of your reports to be relevant, Nash Tec’s analysis engine refines your data, identifying the type of event linked to each of your slowdowns. For example :

  • It is normal for a bus to idle at a passenger stop; however, the bus engine must be turned off when parked at the depot.
  • When a sewer cleaner is used for cleaning networks, its high-pressure pump is sometimes powered by the engine of the truck, which then runs at idle during the intervention. However, its engine must be turned off when parked at the company.

Take time to carefully examine the types of idles in your fleet. Understanding this data is critical to know where you need to take accompanying measures, to make your drivers adhere to eco-driving allowing you to save money.

Finance your telematics solution by saving on unnecessary idles

The fuel consumption of an engine running at idle is estimated at 0.6 liters per hour, per liter of displacement. Thus, an average vehicle equipped with a 3.5 liters engine consumes more than 2 liters of fuel per hour without moving, and emits more than 5.26 kg of CO2.
If you leave your engine idle for 30 minutes a day for two months, you will have spent a full tank of fuel without driving a single kilometer.

Customer benefits

Eliminate extended idling the moment it happens with real-time alerts that help improve your drivers' driving habits.
For example, you will know which collaborator:

  • wastes fuel by using their vehicle as a heating or air conditioning system
  • does not turn off his vehicle from the first delivery until his return to the depot

Benefit from replay reports by type of event

  • allowing you to better target the support measures to be implemented with your drivers

Maintain traceability of interventions with your customers

Limit the risk of theft of your vehicles when your drivers park them without turning off the engine (in case of delivery, for example)

Save fuel by reducing excessive idling

Help preserve the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Reduce your vehicle maintenance costs


How to identify the places of excessive slowdowns?

In the Nash Tec solution, a route is defined when a starting point and an ending point are detected in the movements of a vehicle.

Typically, these points are determined by starting and stopping the vehicle’s engine. On the other hand, it happens that a trip stop is caused by a segmentation of the idle. It occurs during prolonged immobilization of a vehicle with the engine running. Its duration can be configured per vehicle.

What instructions should you give your drivers to eradicate their bad habits?

« Switch off your engine, when you are stopped for more than 60 seconds out of traffic! It is wiser and cheaper to turn off your engine at this time because unnecessary idling wastes money and fuel and produces greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. »

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