Poucet™ mini GPS tracker

The Poucet™ mini GPS tracker is the miniaturized version of the NashTag™.

Compact and discreet, its small size makes it easy to hide it in your boxes or in the middle of your pallets, during the transport of your valuables.

The specific configuration of the Poucet™ mini GPS tracker means you won’t miss any stops. ven if they are very short, you will be able to locate the different places where they occured from your phone, tablet or computer.

With less battery life than the NashTag™ tracker; Le Poucet™, however, ensures constant communication for trips without interruption for 2 weeks.

The Poucet™ mini GPS tracker is simply recharged via its mini-USB socket.


Easy to install

A few minutes are enough, no connection to make.

Discreet and robust

Compact and discreet tracer. Can be hidden easily


Ultra-precise satellite location. International high frequency network

Great autonomy

Up to 2 years of autonomy (depending on frequency)

Its strong points

  • Immune to jamming
  • Strong battery life: its level can be checked via your account on the NashConnect application
  • Precise tracking: its GNSS antenna and specific algorithms will return very precise positions
  • Ready to use: the mini GPS tracker is delivered ready to use without any additional settings

Available functions

Ultra-precise localization

  • for its geolocation, our tracker automatically searches for the constellation of satellites that will give the best results when positioning it. Namely: GPS (American), GLONASS (Russian) and GALILEO (European). This last constellation being the most precise because it is equipped with the latest technologies in terms of atomic clocks.

Insensitive to signal jamming: intrusion resistance of the tracer

Motion detection

Internal battery charge status

Ambient temperature

Use cases

Protection of packages and valuables during transport

Two-wheeled equipment or any other property requiring GPS tracking

Technical specifications

  • Autonomy: up to 2 years, depends on the frequency of location information needed. Enhanced real-time tracking: 2 weeks
  • Power supply: Charge par mini USB
  • Dimensions: 90 x 52 x 19mm
  • Weight: 90 grams
  • Material: ABS
  • Certifications: ISO 9001 and 14001 – Sigfox
  • Technology: UNB Sigfox (without SIM card)
  • International network coverage: https://www.sigfox.com/en/coverage
  • Frequency band: 868.13 Mhz
  • Operating temperatures: -40 °C à +85°C
  • French made