Predictive vehicle maintenance

By connecting your fleet to the maintenance module of our software solution, you centralize the tracking of the maintenance of your vehicles, receive remote diagnostics alerts and monitor the purchases or rentals of your vehicles.

By being alerted to the approach of a mileage or regulatory maintenance on one of your vehicles, you ensure to do the maintenance at the optimal time, that is to say when the immobilization of the vehicle least disrupts your operation.

In summary, the Nash Tec solution automates the technical and financial monitoring of your fleet, which facilitates the daily duties of your fleet manager.


The car fleet is often the third largest overhead cost item for a company, after payroll and real estate


Vehicle maintenance also represents 10% to 15% of fleet management budget expenses, behind financing, which comes first with a range bettween 30 to 40%, and fuel at around 25%.

Customer benefits

Reduce fuel consumption

  • thanks to better maintenance of your vehicles

Optimize the safety of vehicles and therefore of your roaming staff

Avoid premature wear of your vehicles and the associated repair costs

Analyze your maintenance and repair costs per vehicle, or for your entire fleet

Keep details of the maintenance carried out on each vehicle: tires, overhauls, etc.

  • to avoid the risk of accidental dumping from trucks
  • to preserve roads

Optimize the TCO of your fleet

  • by improving preventive maintenance

How often should you notify your maintenance appointments?

Depending on the type of maintenance and vehicle, you can notify upcoming maintenance according to one or more criteria:
a distance or engine hours, by date or according to a frequency.

What is remote vehicle diagnostics?

Remote diagnostic alerts can be reported in real time trough our fleet management solution which reads DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) codes. By informing you of the fault codes, you can make an early diagnosis of the breakdowns to intervene quickly on the vehicle, and thus avoid additional costs which could have been induced by a late repair on the vehicle.

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Astus™ Software Platform

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