Expert in the efficient management of data from vehicle fleets and equipment

Make better decisions thanks to the accurate and reliable data collected by our fleet management and mobile asset tracking solutions


100% committed to the ecological transition

Meet one of the major objectives of CSR by reducing your CO2 emissions, thanks to our eco-driving, car-sharing and fleet greening solutions.


100% committed to limiting road risks

Discover our innovative tools to fight against the number one risk of death in business


Relevant data on you whole fleet

Nash Tec puts at your service its intelligent fleet management solution which will quickly become essential for your business to meet its numerous needs in terms of safety, ecological transition and cost optimization.


Increase your profitability

Optimize your routes by improving planning and managing of your teams trips.

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Limit your road risks

Discover our many solutions to limit your road risks, the leading cause of mortality in business.

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Preserve the environment

By choosing the Nash Tec management tools, you improve the ecological impact of your fleet.

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Protect & secure your equipment

Ensure the protection of your loads thanks to our range of solutions for the safety of your goods and equipment.

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Monitoring and management of mobile assets

Secure your sensitive goods and improve your productivity thanks to monitoring and managing your mobile assets with our NashConnect solution.

Manage your assets

Thanks to our solutions, make an inventory of your equipment by locating them and following their activity.

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Protect your value goods

The GPS accuracy of our discreet tracer which has an anti-shining capacity, will revolutionize the protection of your values.

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Monitor the state of your assets

Connect your business to industry 4.0 to ensure the integrity of your sensitive goods by monitoring their state permanently.

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A solid expertise in telematics and GPS tracers for 20 years.

French standard bearer of intelligent solutions for the location of teams and equipment, NASH TEC develops the most innovative and reliable devices on the market, from design to manufacturing.

130 000

equipment installed

worldwide to meet your fleet management and mobile asset monitoring needs



into the ecological transition


Our tailor-made services

The professionalism and responsiveness of the NASH TEC research and development department are recognized.

The perfect mastery of our technologies allows us to adapt the functionalities of our products and/or software to the needs of the different activity sectors to which our customers belong.

Audit of your needs

Professional installation

Training and customisation of dashboards


After-sales service

Tailor-made developments

Nash Tec concretely registers your cost objectives in order to respect your budgetary constraints.

Electronic engineering : production of electronic diagrams, routing of printed circuits, prototyping and industrialization.
Software developments tuned for computer or Android and iOS phone.