Company carsharing, a solution for optimizing your fleet’s management

Nash Tec shares its expertise with companies and communities seeking a turnkey carsharing solution that is reliable, easy to use and source of new savings.

Corporate car -sharing is a service that allows multiple employees to use the same vehicle in the same day by self identifying trough RFID badge reader. By optimizing the use of your fleet this way, you reduce the number of vehicles necessary for your activity.

By offering you a profitable and effective shared vehicle service, NASH TEC meets the travel needs of all your employees, of optimization and management of a reduced park.

Our car-sharing solution is adaptable to all types of vehicles: thermal, hybrid and electric.


1 shared vehicle replaces up to 3 service vehicles


Thanks to our efficient and detailed statistical module, our customers assess their real needs, and reduce their fleet to its useful size by removing up to 30% of the vehicles in their park.

Customer benefits

Increase the rate of use of your vehicles by sharing their use between several employees

Reduce your acquisition (TCO) or rental (TCM) costs

  • improving the rate of use of your fleet thanks to more rational use
  • by reducing your vehicle fleet to its useful size

Reduce your automotive fleet budget

  • saving on your insurance costs
  • by lowering your maintenance, tires, etc.

Optimize the management of your car -sharing vehicles

  • thanks to tailor-made dashboards

Make your employees more accountable

  • with the help of detailed statistics and the inventory

Remove your extra workload induced by using a cupboard or a key box

  • by from now on using an RFID badge to access shared vehicles

How it works?

Access a self-service vehicle has never been easier and quick:


Swipe your badge on the player located on the windshield to unlock the doors and deactivate the anti start-up.


Recover the key in the glove box, start the vehicle and move freely.


At the end of your journey, be courteous by restoring the car status and lock the vehicle.


During the tunning of your shared mobility project, Nash Tec will be constantly by your side to make self -sharing a success within your organization:

  • Before deployment, by making a personalized audit of your park, and by participating with you in the development of an action plan meeting your objectives for the self-service of your vehicles. We can also support you with your staff managers to optimize their membership in the Nash TEC solution.
  • During implementation, by installing the carsharing kit in your vehicles, and by configuring the software application according to your uses and your vehicle strategy.
  • After commissioning, by being constantly available to assist the park managers..

Our tailor-made solutions to meet your needs

RFID badge reader

Control access to the vehicles in your fleet, and identify your drivers

See specifications

Telematic boxes

Improve your fleet management, while securing your data

See specifications

NashConnect™ Software Platform

Manage and track your mobile assets on a single medium with various features

See specifications

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