Garmin® GPS Terminal


Nash Tec’s fleet management solution is compatible with Garmin™ GPS for ultimate efficiency!

By joining the functionality of a GPS navigation display with the tools offered by the TAG-3 telematics box, the utility of GPS is raised to a whole new level.

Associated features of the Garmin™ GPS terminal

Communicate in real time with your teams

  • Free text: via two-way messaging between the company and your teams, or vice versa
  • Predefined text: the driver sends a quick message

Plan journeys by assigning missions to your drivers from the fleet management software

Optimize your routes in real time with native Garmin™ features

Follow the routes of your vehicles in real time and access the ETAs (estimated times of arrival)

By managing your business remotely, you save on phone costs, while reducing the possibility of errors through the traceability of written messages.

Technical specifications

The TAG-3 telematics box is compatible with Garmin™ navigation displays supporting the FMI v2.6 protocol or higher.

  • 5, 6 or 7 inch widescreen display
  • Europe map
  • Real-time traffic data
  • Hands-free calling and voice control
  • Advanced route planning
  • Alerts: dangerous bends, speed zone changes, level crossings, school zones, etc.
  • Realistic display of road signs at intersections
  • For the truck model: route according to traffic restrictions and gauge

Available as an option

In-car driving camera for dual use:

  • Dash Cam features: to record video evidence
  • Advanced alertness features: driving assistance with lane departure warning and collision warning

Rear view camera: to easily see vehicles, pedestrians and other obstacles behind your vehicle.