About us

Our history

Nash Tec is the result of the fusion of the skills of professionals passionate about high technology and concerned with meeting the needs of the mobility, on-board computing, security and communication market.

Our job for almost 20 years at Nash Tec has been to provide you with factual and reliable data on the activity of your roamers and your mobile assets, in order to identify anomalies, i.e. areas for optimization on which you can make improvements. We provide you the tools to make your business profitable.

Nash Tec is founded on solid values that we share with you every day:


Commitment to our customers

Trust and integrity

Team spirit

These are the values that allow us to grow with you, and to develop internationally by offering reliable and efficient solutions, meeting the expectations of the most demanding professionals.


Astus™ technology is born

With more than 25 years of presence on the market, Astus™ technology was born in Canada, placing the company as a world pioneer in the development of fleet management solutions dedicated to the mobility of goods and people and providing precise telemetric data.

Our missions

Nash Tec aims to provide its customers with innovative and personalized technical solutions, while providing them with the highest quality of services: measurement of KPIs, locating areas of waste, technical analysis, customer support, training, etc.

Nash Tec directly implements company’s growth strategy by digitalizing their data, therefore automating the extraction of their KPIs (key performance indicators).


Our electronic appliances collect reliable data on the activity of your vehicles and equipment.


Our software simply displays your data, measuring for example:

  • the driving behavior of your employees
  • the utilization rates of your vehicles and assets
  • physical parameters: weight, temperature, humidity, etc.;


By comparing the indicators generated by your fleet, you can identify opportunities for improvement, for example:

  • which drivers require training in eco-driving and/or road safety?
  • where are the compliance gaps?
  • what are the unnecessary trips?

To optimize

Our solutions give you the information you need to improve your fleet and mobile asset management processes. For example, you can:

  • have a more rational organization of your trips
  • reduce your fuel consumption
  • reduce your maintenance and damage costs

Our CSR responses

Supporting companies wishing to acquire the essential tools to successfully pilot their CSR approach is at the heart of Nash Tec’s concerns.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aims in particular to:

  • to limit the footprint of companies
  • to contribute to the health and well-being of the company and its employees in its activities

In this approach, companies must achieve a balance between the objectives of the various stakeholders, while respecting the laws and standards in force.

Link your QSE strategy to your CSR approach by adopting 3 good practices by opting for the Nash Tec solution.


Save money by optimizing your trips and reducing your fuel consumption.


Limit your road risks by making your roamers aware of their driving patterns, and by improving the predictive maintenance of your vehicles.


Work to limit the environmental impact of your fleet, by adopting eco-responsible driving, by successfully completing its energy transition, or even by choosing car-sharing.


Our strengths

French standard bearer for intelligent solutions resource and equipment tracking, Nash Tec engineers the most innovative and reliable devices on the market, from design to manufacturing.

The responsiveness and agility of its teams allow Nash Tec to conquer new markets and build customer loyalty by always keeping the highest level of service quality and offering personalized follow-up.

130 000

equipment installed

worldwide to meet your fleet management and mobile asset tracking needs


years of experience

a solid company ensuring the reliability and durability of its solutions

100 %

privately owned

independent company which allows it to remain flexible, dynamic and to pursue its policy of innovation.

100 %


in the ecological transition


It is because we master and control our technology from end to end that we can adapt the functionalities to your specific needs. Our agility and adaptability make Nash Tec your preferred partner.

Recognized in many industries

Airports, construction, secure transport, logistics, services and maintenance, car sharing, cleanliness and the environment…


Some testimonials

Guillaume ARSAUT

Cegelec Bordeaux

We wanted to reduce road risks for our employees as well as our carbon footprint within the company.

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Sébastien BIZIEN

Air France Industries

We would like to congratulate Nash Tec and all of its employees for the excellent work done to date in the field of geolocation means.

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The Supply Chain Symposium

Challenges.fr video

Challenges puts the Supply Chain in the spotlight in its conference and gives the floor to Nash Tec on the themes of the of goods tracking in real time, CO2 emissions reduction in logistical activities and the management of road risks.

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