Driver identification system suitable for vehicle fleets

When the telematics appliance is combined with our RFID badge reader, you identify each driver before the start of his journey, while ensuring that he has authorization to use the vehicle.

You then control the access to your fleet, and associate the data of the journeys with a person rather than a vehicle. This is particularly useful in companies where vehicles are shared by several drivers.

By choosing Nash Tec technology to identify your drivers, you are opting for a robust and efficient solution.


How much is the fine if the company vehicle has been flashed?


the owner on the car’s registration card must pay the fine in the event of a traffic violation.
However, when the registration card is issued in the name of the company, the employer must indicate to the authority mentioned on the ticket, the identity of the employee who was driving. If the employer does not do so, he risks a fine of up to €3,750. In general, it is a fixed fine of 675 €uros.

Customer benefits

Easily manage the driving authorizations of your employees

Trace the activity of your vehicles per driver

Minimize violations thanks to traceability

Simplify your administrative procedures

  • by easily denouncing a driver who has committed an offense
  • by calculating the hours worked to facilitate the preparation of payroll

Assess the driving quality of your drivers with a rating system

Secure the use of your vehicles

  • by prohibiting access to unauthorized persons

Block your gear remotely

  • thanks to a coupling with our immobilizer system, which can only be deactivated by authorized personnel

Where is the driver identification system installed?

Depending on the type of vehicles, you can choose to install the RFID badge reader on the car windshield; or for a truck or machine, directly on the dashboard. In an industrial environment, a polycarbonate shell is added to reinforce the robustness of the reader.

How to obtain a driving authorization?

From our software platform:

  • you manage the driving authorizations of the drivers
  • you update their permissions (CACES for example)
  • you (de)activate the RFID badge readers

If you have chosen to equip your vehicles with the option, you can also remotely:

  • (de)activate the vehicle immobilizer system
  • (un)lock the doors
  • immobilize a vehicle

Our tailor-made solutions to meet your needs

RFID badge reader

Control access to the vehicles in your fleet, and identify your drivers

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Telematics boxes

Improve your fleet management, while securing your data

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Astus™ Software Platform

Make sure you have optimal management and tracking of your fleet of vehicles and hardware

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