Telematic Appliances

The telematics Applicance! of the Astus™ range are designed to help fleet managers control their operating costs, improve their performance and secure the activities associated with the operation of their fleet of vehicles.

The Astus™ Serie


Choose and combine Astus™ telematics units according to their respective functionalities to benefit from a solution fully adapted to your fleet management needs.

Excellence in the security of transmitted data

  • proprietary encryption guarantees the inviolability of your data,
  • compression algorithms specific to Astus™ allow unlimited recording of your data.

Whatever the environment in which your vehicles operate, you are guaranteed to have no loss of trips.

Production of exception reports

The processing of information makes it possible to produce tailor-made reports, and to have a quick and complete analysis of your fleet and its drivers.

This data is available in the Astus™ software platform or via our API: a complete and versatile solution to secure your employees and reduce the costs related to your vehicle fleet and your equipment fleet.

TAG-3 telematics box


Thanks to its numerous connection possibilities, facilitating the connection to multiple peripherals, accessories and inputs/outputs, the TAG-3 model has a set of unique functionalities:

  • Driver identification via RFID badge reader
  • Intelligent use of the satellite network
  • Integration with on-board scales and skips devices (like dump trucks)
  • Use of navigation tools via the Garmin GPS terminal
  • Multiple possibilities provided for connecting accessories.

Satellite network


On-board scales


Dumpsters raised


Navigation tools


Key card boxes


Multiple accessories

Temperature sensor

Warning light

Warning sound

Privacy button

Mobile Asset Detection

Driver identification

The TAG-3 is also equipped with a very high precision GPS receiver, an internal battery and a volume of internal memory storage unrivaled on the market. It is recognized for its great configurability, connectivity and robustness. These major assets allow it to handle markets in full transformation such as the electrification of transport, car-sharing, air carrier as well as the transport of goods and people.

Quick Connect telematics box


Quick and easy installation.
Adapts to both vehicles and heavy goods vehicles.

The Quick Connect model is a ready-to-use device that does not require specific installation, as it easily plugs into the OBD2 and J1939 diagnostic sockets.
  1. Locate the OBD2 or J1939 connector
  2. Plug the Quick Connect directly into the OBD2 port (or via a Y-cable into the OBD2 or J1939 socket)
  3. An indicator light under the module will flash red then green
  4. Contact technical support to validate the connection
  5. The Quick Connect is ready to go!

Do you have vehicles for seasonal rental or a fleet of vehicles that do not require the addition of peripherals or accessories?

Opt for the Quick Connect model, and benefit from now on from the multiple advantages provided by telemetry in order to optimize the use of your fleet of vehicles and equipment.