Protect your valuables

Aware of the limitations of the GSM network, Nash Tec has expanded its technological responses to deal with malicious thieves.


Thefth control

With to the technologies provided in our autonomous GPS plotters, you can improve the security of your valuables.

By slipping a Poucet™ GPS tracker into your packages or in the middle of a pallet, you can geolocate your valuables, even if the thieves are equipped with a jammer.

This will allow law enforcement to be more responsive and quickly find your stolen property.

Anti-jamming GPS tracker

Why are our Poucet™ and NashTag™ GPS trackers immune to interference?

The Sigfox network used by our professional GPS trackers is a SIM-free technology that uses ultra-fast and long-range radio frequency signals, with a protocol that operates in the narrow band UNB (“Ultra Narrow Band”).
Used in unidirectional mode, the Sigfox network has unique anti-jamming capabilities due to the native resilience of UNB combined with the spatial diversity of its stations.

Jamming the communications of our GPS trackers is therefore impossible, because it would require huge radio power, much higher than that of illicit jammers available on the market.


Tracker with a large autonomy

Our NashTag™ and Poucet™ GPS trackers are both 100% autonomous and send their data via the Sigfox network which is perfectly suited to wireless and battery-powered communication devices.

This low-speed 868 MHz network is low energy consumption, which helps to increase the battery life of our GPS trackers:

  • Up to 6 years for the NashTag™
  • Up to 2 years for Poucet™, and 15 days in « reinforced real time » mode

Due to its small size and its operating algorithms, the Poucet™ GPS mini-tracker is the preferred safety device for protecting your valuables during transport.

Our tailor-made solutions to meet your needs

NashConnect™ Software Platform

Manage and track your mobile assets on a single medium with various features

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Poucet™ Mini GPS Tracker

Miniature version to track your packages and other valuable goods

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