BLE beacons and sensors

Punkies™ beacon design and technology are the result of Nash Tec’s innovative engineering to the benefit of Industrial Internet of Things.

Punkies™ are robust beacons and sensors targeted to the industry. They are 100% autonomous, ready to use and easy to install. Punkies™ are connected by Bluetooth link and are deployed in many applications where it is necessary:

  • either to regularly identify and locate beacons
  • or to record physical parameters: temperature, hygrometry, etc.



The Punkies™ range exists in several formats:
Punkie™: 4.9 x 4.9 x 2cm | Ti-Punkie™: 3.4 x 3.4 x 1.5cm

A wide range of BLE beacons and sensors to meet various needs:

  • Compact, waterproof and robust BLE beacons and sensors
  • Low energy consumption: Bluetooth Low Energy technology
  • Very high autonomy
  • Simplicity of commissioning
  • Low purchase cost
  • High and adjustable detection distance: up to 100 meters

Compatibility: can be paired via Bluetooth with Astus Tag and Quick Connect telematics boxes


  • Identification beacon for GPS location
  • Use cases: geolocate and identify your non-powered equipment, your trailers, your tool assets, etc.

The Punkie-ID™ expands its field of possibilities thanks to the addition of additional sensors: hygrometry, external temperatures, magnetic detection system, presence detection, etc.


  • BLE beacon and wireless temperature sensor
  • COFRAC approved
  • Temperature measurements from -40 to 80° Celsius
  • Resolution: 0.25°C
  • Available as an option: wired probe to take the temperature directly on the goods
  • Use cases: track the temperature of your refrigerated trucks or boxes


  • Beacon and presence sensor
  • Use cases: detect the opening and closing of doors