Monitor the status of your assets

The Internet of Connected Objects (IoT) is a technological revolution that frees you from your logistics management concerns, while maximizing the profitability of your investments. By combining our asset tracking solution with our smart sensors, you connect your business to the industry 4.0 and ensure the integrity of your sensitive assets by constantly monitoring their condition.


Temperature monitoring

The Punkie-TEMP temperature sensor is very easy to install since it is wireless.

It allows remote monitoring of the temperature of your assets and is COFRAC approved.

Choose it to respond to your cold chain tracking issues, and be immediately notified in the event of a deviation from your compliance thresholds.

Monitoring of physical parameters

Supervision and predictive maintenance are major issues. In order to be able to anticipate, control and secure your assets, Nash Tec sensors make it possible to connect measuring instruments to our telemetry appliances.

After defining the quality metrics you want to monitor, Nash Tec selects the most suitable sensors to meet your needs. Here are a few examples, the list being non-exhaustive:

  • Contact: detect the « open/close » states of the doors
  • Humidity: measure the hygrometry
  • Mouvement: detect the movement of your assets
  • Light: capture the change in brightness

Mastering these measures is a real asset for your company, and allows you to:

Detect quality issues as they arise

Replace manual records with an automated statement

  • Saving time and labor costs
  • Removal of input errors

Attesting to the conformity of the condition of your assets based on the history of your measurements

Limit theft of your assets

Improve your processes by controlling any deviations


Our tailor-made solutions to meet your needs

NashConnect™ Software Platform

Manage and track your mobile assets on a single medium with various features

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BLE beacons and sensors

Locate your equipment fleet and record all types of data

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