Nash Tec assists vehicle fleets in their energy transition

Confronted to the historic rise in fuel costs, to global warming and to fiscal and legislative constraints, the urgency of decarbonizing fleets is no longer a debate within companies. But how to act?

To integrate the energy transition of your fleet into your cost optimization strategy, it is mandatory, first of all, to master automobile fiscal incentives. But also, to gain expertise on the new regulations related to environmental issues and clean vehicles.

The energy transition goes hand in hand with a revolution in usage, and implies a major adaptation of your car policy on many levels:

  • maintenance procedures,
  • management of electric vehicle recharging,
  • driving habits,
  • the split between clean and combustion vehicles,
  • drivers’ resistance to change.

Nash Tec’s telematics solution allows you to effectively manage the greening of your fleet by providing you with powerful and detailed statistics to help you in your choice of vehicles and to identify which part of your fleet is suitable for a change of engine.


LOM (Mobility Orientation Law) and progressive greening quotas


Reducing CO2 emissions is a major objective of CSR; it is supported by the LOM which prescribes clean vehicle quotas for companies with more than 100 vehicles whose GVW is less than 3.5 tonnes.
Since January 1st 2022, during their yearly renewals, these companies must apply a minimum quota of 10% for low-emission vehicles (less than or equal to 60 g/km of CO2).
This transformation will be accelerate in the years to come, with 20% of clean vehicles in 2024, 35% in 2027, and 50% in 2030.

Customer benefits

Decarbonize your fleet more efficiently

Easily identify vehicles that are suitable for hybrid or electric powertrains

  • by taking into account the real uses of your fleet

Collect data specific to the new technologies of your clean vehicles

  • by connecting them to our telemetry box in for vehicle

Track the battery charge levels of your electric vehicles

Easily plan your charging operations

Lower the energy consumption of your fleet by using our high-performance modules

  • eco-driving
  • maintenance
  • to reduce idling, etc.

Our tailor-made solutions to meet your needs

Telematics boxes

Improve your fleet management, while securing your data

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Astus™ Software Platform

Make sure you have optimal management and tracking of your fleet of vehicles and hardware

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