Asset Tracking

The monitoring of your equipment fleet, just like the protection of your valuable goods, are mandatory elements for optimization. Nash Tec helps you locate and identify your assets with simple and suitable technological tools, such as its range of autonomous GPS trackers, or its BLE sensors and tracers.

Manage your assets

To efficiently manage your mobile equipment fleet, you must: have an accurate and detailed inventory of all your assets, know their exact location, monitor the use of each equipment, make better decisions in terms of equipment allocation.


Protect your valuables

Aware of the limitations of the GSM network, Nash Tec has expanded its technological responses to deal with malicious thieves.


Monitor the status of your assets

By combining our asset tracking solution with our smart sensors, you connect your business to the industry 4.0 and ensure the integrity of your sensitive assets by constantly monitoring their condition.


Our tailor-made solutions to meet your needs

NashConnect™ Software Platform

Manage and track your mobile assets on a single medium with various features

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NashTag™ GPS Tracker

Have the essential tool for inventorying your mobile assets and locating equipment in your fleet

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Mini Poucet™ GPS Tracker

Miniature version to track your parcels and other valuables

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BLE beacons and sensors

Locate your equipment fleet and record all types of data

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