Astus™ software platform

The Astus™ software platform is a powerful fleet management solution that combines the geolocation and the management of your vehicles and your fleet of equipment.

Fleet management data is accessible with or without geolocation, in real or deferred time.


Choosing our intelligent software platform is the guarantee to avoid wasting time tediously going through all of your reports to find an event or identify possible optimization items.

All device compatible
Available in web and/or Windows version

Benefit from a wide range of features

Manage your interventions in real time

  • to improve your troubleshooting response times
  • to demonstrate your responsiveness to your customers

Keep track of your trips

  • to testify of the quality of your interventions with your customers
  • to optimize your trips and highlight organizational anomalies thanks to personalized reports

Optimize the safety of your staff during their travels

Decarbonize your trips

Efficiently and simply manage your vehicle fleet in carsharing

Preserve your equipment park, your goods and your valuables

Secure your vehicles against theft

Automatically receive predefined alerts

Anticipate and optimize the maintenance of your vehicles

Send missions to your drivers and follow in real time and respect of their schedules

Benefit from a scalable solution fully adapted to your needs, whatever the nature of your activity, or the size and composition of your fleet: light vehicles, electric vehicles, trucks, machinery, buses, etc.

  • Buildings / Public Works
  • Service companies
  • Freight of goods
  • Express delivery
  • Passenger transport
  • Cleanliness / Environment
  • Airports / Ports
  • Communities / Public Services

Interoperability of our Astus™ API

Thanks to our Application Programming Interface (API), you can easily integrate the data returned from our Astus™ software platform into your own information systems. For this, we provide you with several tools:


Web Services

Obtain and modify information from Astus™

Data Export

Export odometers and engine times every day (plug and play)

Push Services

Export in real time the information collected by the telematics boxes

Pull Services

Instantly import information from a remote system