Manage your assets

To efficiently manage your mobile equipment fleet, you must: have an accurate and detailed inventory of all your assets, know their precise location, onitor the use of each equipment, make better decisions in terms of equipment allocation.

To do this, Nash Tec provides you with its mobile asset tracking solution, supplemented by its range of autonomous GPS trackers that are revolutionizing the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT).



If managing your equipment fleet necessary to carry out your missions is time-consuming and synonymous with productivity and profit lost, change your mobile asset tracking method with the help of Nash Tec!

  • You will optimize your efficiency by saving time in the management and inventory of your assets.
  • You will put an end to the inefficiency f your manual tracking methods.

Thanks to Nash Tec’s expertise in the field of connected industrial assets, you can make an accurate inventory of your non-powered equipment, whatever it is: containers, trailers, skips, compressors, etc.

The NashConnect™ software platform helps you better size your fleet and mobile asset inventory.

Precise location of your equipment

Geolocate your equipment on a map at a fixed time, as soon as a movement is detected or as soon as a surveillance sensor is activated.

Nash Tec’s autonomous trackers benefit from the latest GPS technologies in terms of satellite positioning, which allows them to display an ultra-precise location for the geolocation of your tools.


Monitoring the activity of your equipment fleet

Transform your asset flow management processes and optimize your operational performance, since your assets can now communicate!

  • By following the movements of your non-energized equipment using our professional GPS trackers: no more unforeseen movements of your goods or their loss. No more wasting time looking for them, no more loss of earnings, and no more additional expenses related to the replacement of your lost goods.
  • By measuring the frequency of use of your assets, you can easily identify your “sleeping” assets and those that are underutilized. You can thus better size the fleet and inventory of your mobile equipment according to your real needs.
  • By being warned of the unauthorized movement of devices.

Our tailor-made solutions to meet your needs

NashConnect™ Software Platform

Manage and track your mobile assets on a single medium with various features

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NashTag™ GPS Tracker

Have the mandatory tool for inventorying your mobile assets and locating equipment in your fleet

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