The RFID badge reader: an essential driver authentication tool


The integration of a driver identification system into our fleet management solution makes it possible to control access to the vehicles.

The choice of the authentication method is an essential point. Badge authentication remains the most widely used, since it is reliable and easy to use.

Functions associated with the RFID badge reader

Identification of drivers

Access rights control

  • by validating the driving authorizations, according to the rules of use of the vehicle

Other related functions useful to combine for the reader's use

Securing access to the vehicle thanks to the immobilizer system

  • Blocking for unauthorized employees
  • Theft protection system

Closing and opening the vehicle doors, very useful for car sharing

What are the advantages of choosing a badge reader that is multi-protocol?

Our badge reader is presented as a multi-technology reader, since it is able to manage the RFID authentication of many protocols, such as HID, Mifare, AWID, etc.

This versatility becomes a real asset for your company, especially if it is already equipped with badges allowing, for example, access to your buildings, the use of the time clock, the company restaurant or the coffee machine.

For companies not equipped with a badge, when purchasing from Nash Tec, you will have to choose the model to use: the badge can be in the form of a card, a key ring, a sticker, a bracelet, etc.

Our technology provides the driver with a unique identification card, which can be read by all the RFID badge readers in your fleet. Depending on the driving authorizations granted by your company officials, the driver will have access to all or some of the vehicles.

What are the options to force a driver to identify himself before starting his journey?

To ensure that a driver identifies himself before starting a trip, there are several methods. The most frequently used are:

  • The buzzer, the easiest solution to install on the vehicle
  • The immobilizer, the most reliable solution for the company

Nash Tec recommends the use of its immobilizer system to ensure that an unauthorized person is blocked, if they nevertheless attempt to start a vehicle.

Not only does our immobilizer system protect the vehicle against theft; but it also assures the company that a driver who has lost his driving authorization cannot under any circumstances start the vehicle.