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To ease Astus system integration of in your company, we offer several tools that will help Astus communicate with your existing information systems.


Web Services

Web Services enable communication between two systems: they make the information recorded by Astus accessible to remote computer systems.

These services permits extraction of Astus data, but also to modify them if desired. For example, to remotely add or remove locations (POI).

The information from our servers is converted into XML, which is then available for any development language (.NET, Java, etc ...). It’s a two-way communication: You can import information into our Astus software, as well as export Astus data into your own Information Systems.

You can then combine your data and those from Astus in a single software, to improve your employees work.

Examples of existing applications that can be usefully to combined with Astus:

  • HR (Human resources)
  • Run scheduling (ex : UPS RoadNet)
  • Delivery
  • Internal applications (ex : transport by bus)

Data is synchronized between the two systems on a regular basis, predetermined (for example, once per hour or per day).

The implementation of these services some computer programming (none complex).


Push Services

Unlike Web services, push services send Astus information in only one direction: to the client (customer).

The data is sent in real time to the destination chosen by the customer. In other words, Push Services send the information the customer wants the way he wants it. All Astus information can be transmitted this way, and a filter can be applied to customize the settings of the data to be transmitted.

This solution is more expensive than Web Services, as it requires more computer programming, as much from our programmers as from the client’s, simply because there is no set standard. We have to customize the solution for each new case.

Data can be "pushed" using the Push Services to applications such as:

  • Emergency Operations Centre
  • ​Updates in real time on a map in other than the one from Astus software

The possibilities are endless and our staff will bring tailor-made solutions and affordable solutions to your IT services!





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