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Nash Tec who has established a strong know how in Canada, has not hesitated to offer it’s expertise in this area to European companies seeking a car-sharing turnkey solution that is reliable, simple to use and a source of new savings.

Optiparc™ is an efficient car-sharing system that allows the sharing of your business fleet and optimizing its management.

Coupled with our tracking solution, Optiparc™ optimizes the utilization of your vehicles, which are then grouped into pools.


Some benefits

  •  Increase the utilization of your vehicles by sharing a car pool among your employees.

  • Reduce the size of your fleet by removing the vehicles which became useless: a shared vehicle replaces three service vehicles!

  • Reduce expenses related to the management of your fleet: lower your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) or TCM (Rental). Then you can generate further savings on your insurance positions, fuel, maintenance, tires ...

  • Access global and statistical reports which will help you determine the optimal  fleet size

  • Rationalize your vehicles usage, and by doing so empower your employees 

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