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NashTag™ - Standalone, ergonomic and economic GPS Trackers

The range of NashTag™ standalone GPS trackers is based on the SIGFOX telecommunication network.

Totally dedicated to connected objects, this international network has many advantages: extremely long battery life, ultra low-power consumption UNB (Ultra Narrow Band) network, very economical.

The NashTag™ range, connected to the SIGFOX network, is a revolution in the field of telematics!


NashTag™ - What advantages for your company?

  • Cost-effective solution: regularly locate your assets and sensitive equipment at a lower cost
  • Increased profitability: maximize the profitability of your mobile assets and the goods they carry, saving you a lot of money on your logistics budget
  • Easy management: a simple way to get rid of your logistics management problems: loss, under-use, theft, etc
  • Increased security: enhance the security of your sensitive and expensive assets thanks to this unjammable GPS tracker
  • Global coverage: network dedicated to connected objects. Global cellular coverage that is not limited to France but extends abroad (Europe, USA) at no extra charge
  • Easy installation: plug-in installation is easy and fast and does not require to be powered by an external battery.. Which avoids commissioning and maintenance costs


Discover NashTag™ Range


Industrial GPS Tracker
Waterproof & Robust


Portative GPS Tracker
Induction charging