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Presenting Astus Tag

The Astus Tag module is designed to help fleet managers control their operating costs, improve performance and secure activities associated with the operation of their vehicle fleet.

Astus Tag is a compact size electronics enabling real-time or deferred access to your vehicle data via 3G or 4G cellular networks and the Internet.


Excellence is transmitted data security

All Astus Tag data are secure:

  • A proprietary encryption matrix guarantees the inviolability of your data,
  • Astus specific compression algorithms allow limitless data recording.

No matter the environment in which your vehicles are working, you are assured not to lose a single trip.


Amazing reports are produced

The information processing permit the production of tailor made reports, and also permits a complete analysis of your fleet and its drivers.

These data are available from the Astus software: a complete and versatile solution for your employee’s safety (?) and to reduce costs related to the ownership of a vehicle fleet for your business.





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